Joggo & Jah Livity, the road to victory, written by Andre Westerveld

‘Hard work, to the point, but always with respect. That’s the way we deal with each other. We are family, share the same passion for music, we take care of each other. If one of us has a problem, we’ll try to solve it together.

A peace of the speech from singer Joggo to his band Jah Livity, ten minutes before their first performances together.

A month earlier, Friday evening the 1st of May: Jamy Westerveld came to café Mansro (Amsterdam) where a reggaeband often excercises. Joel Alanja, keyboardplayer of the band, invited the young saxophonist and flutist to do one rehearsel with them. The band was still looking for a fine saxophone-player and Joel did see her playing several months earlier as a guestplayer in the reggaeband Rebel Jam.

Nice band
Her improvising skills were welcome during the rehearsel in café Mansro, as she had never heard one of the songs that the band was playing. ‘They are very good’, said Jamy’s father in a time-out to the keyman. ‘By the way, what is the name of the band?’ The answer: ‘You probably know the artist of the band: Joggo, well-known in reggaeland.’ No recognition on the face of the father. ‘Sorry, never heard of him. But it is a nice band. Really nice musicians and strong riddims, looking forward to meet the singer’

Unique songs
One month later I learned that Joggo has already a considerable reputation into the Dutch reggae scene. Yes, I am the father of Jamy Westerveld. In the meantime Jamy has become a band member of Jah Livity. Singer Joggo Seedorf – younger brother of Clarence, but prefer not to talk that much about that subject; he rather does not want to use the famous name in the music world, because he likes to be judged based on his musical skills.

Together with manager Sander Nesta, Joggo wants to conquer Europe with his music, starting with The Netherlands. Minimal two times a week, the bandmembers come together, to excercise for three hours. Blood, sweat, but no tears because there is happiness by all the musicians. They work hard and share the same goal: to become an international top band.

Sky is the limit
A month after Jamy Westerveld joined the band, the new formation Joggo & Jah Livity plays for the first time in public on the Speklappen Party in Zelhem. It becomes a spectaculair and promising performance. Lots of compliments from the audience. The band had their own place to concentrate before its performance: a large camper with a text ‘NOZEM’ at the front of the car and at rear end, engraved in the window-glass, the words: ‘No one has become big as a result of small thinking.’

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