What makes a band popular by a large public? Of course, you must have an excellent repertoire. Only producing good songs is not enough. People have to get acquainted and identify them self with your songs. Next step is to make sure that most of the melodies will linger on in their minds for at least one day.

The marketing of music. Do we have a ready-to-use formula to make a musician famous? Well, in any case several things are important: first of all you need a band with charisma, especially a charismatic front man. And then offcourse the right moment to introduce a song, the capability to respond to actualities, the goodwill factor of the singer by the people, a fine network, gigs at the right places, excellent promotion material, a cd to promote, clever use of social media and preferably a manager who takes care of most of these above mentioned actions. Finally, when all mentioned factors are ‘coloured green’, there is still one essential point: Luck.

Let’s take a closer look to Joggo & Jah Livity. The songs? They are without the slightest doubt of high quality. Highlights as Peace and Love, Take It Slow, Revolution Warrior, Everytime I Go Away en Keep It Burning give the audience the irresistible tendency to dance. Simple movements are allowed too because not everyone is born to dance. Joggo has the goodwill factor (whatever that may be). And as soon as he is on stage, the entertainer inside him comes out.

Strong management
The band Joggo & Jah Livity has an experienced and hard working manager for the social media-, network-, marketing- and promotion-activities. His name: Sander Nesta. He takes good care of this site, the YouTube publications, photography, Facebook pages, promotion material and interesting gigs at places like Paard van Troje, Paradiso, Tivoli and Woodstock Bloemendaal.

Sander Nesta and Joggo & Jah Livity have placed almost all important factors ‘at green’. And then there is this one crucial factor: Luck. I would say: let Luck come to Joggo & Jah Livity. The band and public are ready for it…

André Westerveld

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